Maureen Delaney is an artist and educator living in Portland, Oregon. Her specialty within the field of photography is in alternative and experimental processes, as she loves to get her hands dirty during the creative process. A current theme running throughout Maureen’s work is her interest in nature and the human connection to our landscape. The tactility of working with alternative techniques supports the deep connection she feels with nature.

Maureen received her BA in Psychology from Brown University and later attended the Academy of Art University earning an MFA in Photography, summa cum laude. After teaching coursework onsite in San Francisco at two local colleges Maureen moved with her family to Portland. She currently teaches online alternative process classes in the undergraduate and graduate programs at The Academy of Art University. Her patient and nurturing approach to teaching fosters a safe and creative learning environment for students of all age levels and abilities.

Maureen has exhibited her fine art work coast to coast, ranging from New York to San Francisco and beyond. To view more about her past shows please review her resume link and check out the News tab for updates on current shows and announcements Maureen has to share.

Here are a few kind words from some of Maureen’s students,

“Overall, Maureen, your class has awakened and challenged the artist within me in regards to thinking outside the box and taking a step back in regards to creating images by the hand. I find you, Maureen, as an educator to be nothing short of a match made in heaven when it comes to having the characteristics and traits required of being an effective online teacher – especially in such an art driven (verses technical) class such as experimental photography.”

-Michael Messina

“Thank you Maureen. You have created an environment in this class that is nurturing – and yet still demanding of each of us to do our best and push further toward making our art meaningful and engaging. I know this has allowed me to grow in important ways in terms of my project. Your insights have been extremely helpful, as have those of the others in this class.”

-Melinda Finn

“Thanks, Maureen, for amazing class. I know it can’t be easy dealing with all the frustration that is inherent in experimental processes. But you handle it with great aplomb! And you are obviously highly accomplished and experienced in what you teach. My wife at one point remarked how you are able to offer up so many creative suggestions so quickly…she always looks at what I’m working on and I keep her apprised of my progress. I said, yes, Maureen has got it “going on!” And indeed you do.”

 – James Callahan

“As I mentioned before, I suspected that this course would change my path, and it has. Having you as the professor was just adding something special to the mix. Thank you so much for being so supportive and being targeted with your critiques. I appreciate the insights and revelations and aha! moments.”

-Jonah Calinawan

“I do want to say that this class has been a pleasure to take and you, Maureen, are an awesome instructor! The freedom to play and explore with constructive critiques but not outright criticism allowed me to focus more on the experimentation and the freedom of expression, rather than being so worried about the end product. This is not my normal way of working (my focus is usually on the final product) but it was an important shift for me in this class.”

-Marico Fayre


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