Natural Elements

Through the meditative process of photographing myself in landscape, I find peace and harmony within. The quiet beauty of the wood allows me to free my analytical mind as I feel more connected to my body and in turn can feel the energy of nature. The touch of my nude flesh against the earth’s floor is very primal and instantly I feel a connection to mother nature. My photographic journey is extremely personal and intuitive as I discover nature’s sanctuaries within out vast world. Upon further contemplation of each image, one can continually discover new relationships and meanings.

These images are contact printed (4″x5″) in Platinum/Palladium on large Platinotype paper (11″x17″) and are float mounted in frames (16″x20″)

In earlier work leading up to this series I focused more on a micro level looking at specific body parts and movements as they are repeated in nature.

As a side project to this series large cyanotypes with a gum bichromate overlay were explored. These images are 11″x17″ in 20″x24″ frames.

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